Behind You Came Again...

There is something much deeper behind You Came Again...

Founded by myself (yep no-one does the talking quite like myself), Nicola, (with the help of my loving supportive Partner, Beanie or Beanstalk)...I wanted to created a place that truly reflected who I was.

Lacking the ability to feel connected or to belong anywhere, because as some would say, I was a little different (different by the means of, speaking my truth, not holding back and probably a little bit loud), I wanted You Came Again, to be somewhere cool.  You know, creatively expressive, accepting of all (no judgements), particularly if, You Came Again, was going to be a bridge between the vegan world and the people that still ate meat sometimes.

Because at the end of the day, we have all eaten meat at some point.  Whether that was when you were 4 or 66 years old, we are all on a journey of discovery.  No-one is better than the other person, and if we can assist with showing people the amazing food you can create with vegetables and for people to possibly think about the impact they are having on the world by eating meat (environmentally, health wise and for the animals!) then I say, lets do it!

You Came Again, prides itself on community (think Wall of Fame, where we get all these incredible pics of people that have wandered through our doors, once or 15 times or more!).  Local people, local businesses... supporting the diversity that is within our community - because at the heart of the journey, we are all beautiful people, traveling this wonderous life on Earth, here as co-creators, as mentors and as teachers to each other and to ourselves.

I hope you see and feel the love that is YCA... the love that has no limits, is individually crafted within each one of us, celebrated and expressed in what ever way you want... Because you my friend... are fucking PERFECT!

Much Love Nicola, Beanie, Drake (our dog) and the whole entire YCA Crew.

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