Keep Calm & We'll CatER

You know...

you want to sit back, relax have a good time, play hostess with the mostess without feeling the burden of worrying about the food!!

Yeah you do.

That's why your going to get us to cater for you.


So is your Event off-site or at YCA?

When we do our events, all our food is included.  We don't miss anything out, cause its all so good!

We will come to you fully equipped with the kitchen requirements to cook fresh vegan tapas at your event, and staff if you also require this or if you enjoy having it at YCA... then lets do that!

We have catered for corporate/business events, Weddings, Markets, Music Festivals and this is just the start! 

So if you have a question, don't be shy, hit us up and we will get back to you a definitive answer as to whether we can help you or not...

Stress less and wack us through an email so we can create a party with good vibrations and bloody good food...

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